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About us

Discover your world of energy cost-saving opportunities through data-driven prescriptive analytics, actionable by you.
Connect human experience with machine learning using the energy efficiency recommendation engine you can trust.


You have big data. We give you actionable insights through automated data mining and streaming analytics. Transparent, traceable.


All of our your data is secured and all of our recommendations are validated by third parties. You have fine grain control.


Save time through our intelligent queries: no clutter, just the important stuff: maximum savings, maximized impact, minimal effort.


Meet Energine
DESCO Energy Efficiency Recommendation Engine

actionable insights.  automated.  proven.  verified.  transparent.  beautiful.  delivered.

Machine learning

Energine analyses your energy vectors and looks for patterns to identify savings opportunities and converts them into clear action points. We train our models on the largest datasets in the field.

Decision-support portal

You interact with Energine through a beautifully crafted decision support portal. Using an intelligent query interface, it understands and answers your questions as if it were human.

Human validation

Recommendations generated by our algorithms are cross-validated by independent third parties. Once part of Energine, you can become a validator too.

Streaming analytics

Once set up, Energine continually monitors your data flows, re-trains and re-runs, always leading to newer insights, better forecasts and more value.

Our Team

We have built a team with a complementary skillset in energy management, sales, big data analytics and data science.

Jan Bastiaans

Managing Director

Jan brings 20 years experience of energy management across a range of public and private sectors. His passion for innovation and focus on delivering customer value makes him ideally placed as DESCO's Managing Director.

bonus skill - energy markets

Dénes Csala

Chief Operating Officer

Coming from a complex systems modelling background, Dénes ensures that DESCO keeps up with the latest research trends. He translates the cutting edge in machine learning and data mining into the Energine platform.

bonus skill - data visualisation

Steffen Schlueter

Head of Marketing & Sales

Steffen makes energy analytics accessible to a wide range of stakeholders and customers with maximum attention detail. He also makes sure that our product is personalized and it always looks beautiful.

bonus skill - energy storage

Mike Harding

Chief Technical Officer

Building on his experience with next-generation IoT & pervasive data science technologies, Mike is focused on delivering innovation within the energy management sector through DESCO’s Energine energy eco-pilot platform.

bonus skill - smart contracts


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